How to Start a Towing Service Business 

Any business is a profitable opportunity; one of these businesses is a tow truck service. Just like any other business, this one needs a serious commitment of money and time. When starting a business like this, you will spend time planning and promoting it so everyone knows you’re offering this kind of services. Also, you have to invest money on commercial space and tow trucks you need to run the business. Also, the licensing needs money so you have to pay for that too.

Towing Service
There are many things to consider when you’re starting a business. In line with that, we would be sharing with you some tips and steps to follow in order to run a towing company in Avondale.

Business Plan 

Every business needs a business plan in order to set everything before starting. Include the following in your plan: types of service you offer (illegal parking, post-accident or breakdown). Put the details on how you’re going to fund and operate the tow service business. Also, add the plans for business marketing and expansion.

Purchase Tow Trucks

After you determined what kind of services you’re going to offer, purchase the tow truck you need for the business. You can purchase one for the moment since you’re only starting. You will need more to maximize the potential of your business. The tow trucks you can consider are the following: wheel-lift trucks, hook-and-chain and flat-bed. If you purchased a second-hand tow truck, hire an independent inspector to ensure that it’s still on top condition. Your business will depend on your truck’s operation, so you should obtain the best truck possible.

Business License 

Contact the clerk’s office for the inspection and licensing. This is important because you need to get your business inspected before you are given the license to run it. Having a license means you are a legible tow truck service company.

Secure Special License

A special license is needed because every state has different standards for such business. You can also arrange for CDL testing if the state requires it. To take the CDL exam, you should rent a commercial vehicle if you don’t have one.

Obtain Insurance

Get a commercial liability insurance policy that covers the tow truck, you and the clients. This policy should cover the damages of your client’s vehicle. Make sure that it provides the minimum required coverage that is ordered by the state.

Visit Auto Shops

Visiting car dealerships and auto repair shops is necessary in order to establish relationship with employees who will choose your services in the future. Establish yourself so your business will generate income and profit.

Market Your Business

It’s important to let people know that you’re running a towing service business. Set up a website, put the services you offer, your contact numbers and whatever necessary to inform people that you are offering towing services. Put up some tarpaulin or posters so the neighborhood or town will know that you have such business.

Starting a business is not easy. It takes patience and commitment. You have to be passionate about what you do. Remember the tips we mentioned so you will have an idea in the future.

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Reasons to Hire a Towing Company 

Imagine how kill joy it could be when your truck, car or any other kind of vehicle stops and you’re in the middle of the road. Even if you’re in the middle of nowhere or just 20 minutes away from home, you can rely to towing services and rescue you. So, we are sharing with you the top reasons why you should hire a towing company.

Towing Company

Car Accidents 

If you are stuck on traffic because of an accident on the road, you know that the vehicles will stay congested. There is a possibility that you might be in danger if you sit too long in your car especially if a lot of people wants to get out of the area. A severe accident might be caused by strewn auto parts or flipped car.

We’re not hoping that you’d get into a car accident, but if you are in one, a tow company will come to the rescue and haul your vehicle back to its safety. This way, you might not worry about getting your vehicle off the truck because professional tow truck in Buckeye will do it for you.

Moving a Non-Functional Vehicle

There will come a time that your car stops working, and most of the time it happens at unfortunate moments for example, when you’re driving to work. Maybe you ran out of gas or the battery is dead, or you forgot the petrol and you’re stuck in the middle of the road far from help. If this happens to you, you might decide to tow the vehicle in the nearest station. Even the strongest vehicles get into trouble, and the only thing you can ask out for help is towing company who has large tow truck.

You don’t have to worry anymore if you get stuck in the middle of the road. Just call a tow truck company and you’re good to go.

Flat Tyre Assistance 

When your vehicle gets a flat tyre, it’s not possible to change it yourself. Vehicles, especially large ones will require equipment like jacks to support the weight of the vehicle. Calling a towing company that specializes in heavy duty towing will rescue you from a bad situation.

These companies have the necessary tools that will help you with you flat tyre. It’s dangerous if you do it yourself so a tow company’s help will be a necessary one. They will tow your big vehicle back to safety then fix the problem.

Winch-Out Services 

During rainy seaons, it’s not impossible for your truck to get stuck in the sand, water or mud. A small vehicle won’t be able to tow your truck especially if it’s a large one. But a truck from a towing company can. For emergency situations, it’s best to keep a tow company’s number in your contacts so calling them won’t be a problem.

If you call them, explain the situations clearly. The company will know what exactly they should bring to rescue you.

That’s it, folks. Those are the basic reasons why hiring a tow company is necessary especially if you’re in an emergency situation.


Benefits of Calling a Towing Company During Emergency

We couldn’t really tell when something bad happens in a day, so it’s better to be safe and sorry. We should be prepared in the possibility of an emergency. When you are driving, a roadside assistance plan should be prepared just in case you will experience something on the road. One of the top reasons why you should have this is when your car is stopped because of malfunction. If you don’t have any solutions to this and your car stays stranded, it’s best to call a towing service so your car wouldn’t be sent to the impound lot. If you’re going to ever need one, what are the benefits of an Avondale towing company can give you?

Towing Company

1. Fast Response 

If your car breaks down, it doesn’t usually happen when you’re just having a drive around the city. It happens usually when you’re off to somewhere important, you’re late to work, you have an important meeting or you’re going to pick up the kids from school. Yes, it usually happens when you’re on an emergency situation and you have to get in the destination quick. If you have a roadside assistance plan, you can get a fast response from the towing service than calling towing company in directory. Most of the roadside assistance plan will offer you tows within 30 minutes so you don’t have to wait for many hour to get your vehicle towed.

2. Care for your Vehicle 

You will be assured that the towing company will take care of your car. There are towing companies who won’t really handle your vehicle with care, they just want to get the job done fast to cater the next call. If the towing company you called out of nowhere has negligence when it comes to taking care of your vehicle, you might end spending more money because your car is poorly taken care of. Other companies are just doing jobs for the money but won’t take care of the car as expected. That’s why, this is the best advantage if you have a roadside assistance plan, your car is taken care of.

3. Proper Licensing 

Not all tow companies follow the road of certain licensing of each states. If you did not choose the towing company wisely, you could end up having your damaged, then you won’t have any recourse for the compensation of your damaged vehicle. A good towing company should be licensed and should meet the standards set in your state. That’s why, it’s good to have a roadside assistance plan because the quality of service is guaranteed especially in times of emergency.

Towing companies can be of great help especially if you’re stuck in the middle of the road and can’t do anything to start your vehicle. Don’t disregard the power of towing services, especially of roadside assistance plan. The things mentioned are only basic benefits of a good towing company. Now, you have to choose one for towing services you need.