How to Start a Towing Service Business 

Any business is a profitable opportunity; one of these businesses is a tow truck service. Just like any other business, this one needs a serious commitment of money and time. When starting a business like this, you will spend time planning and promoting it so everyone knows you’re offering this kind of services. Also, you have to invest money on commercial space and tow trucks you need to run the business. Also, the licensing needs money so you have to pay for that too.

Towing Service
There are many things to consider when you’re starting a business. In line with that, we would be sharing with you some tips and steps to follow in order to run a towing company in Avondale.

Business Plan 

Every business needs a business plan in order to set everything before starting. Include the following in your plan: types of service you offer (illegal parking, post-accident or breakdown). Put the details on how you’re going to fund and operate the tow service business. Also, add the plans for business marketing and expansion.

Purchase Tow Trucks

After you determined what kind of services you’re going to offer, purchase the tow truck you need for the business. You can purchase one for the moment since you’re only starting. You will need more to maximize the potential of your business. The tow trucks you can consider are the following: wheel-lift trucks, hook-and-chain and flat-bed. If you purchased a second-hand tow truck, hire an independent inspector to ensure that it’s still on top condition. Your business will depend on your truck’s operation, so you should obtain the best truck possible.

Business License 

Contact the clerk’s office for the inspection and licensing. This is important because you need to get your business inspected before you are given the license to run it. Having a license means you are a legible tow truck service company.

Secure Special License

A special license is needed because every state has different standards for such business. You can also arrange for CDL testing if the state requires it. To take the CDL exam, you should rent a commercial vehicle if you don’t have one.

Obtain Insurance

Get a commercial liability insurance policy that covers the tow truck, you and the clients. This policy should cover the damages of your client’s vehicle. Make sure that it provides the minimum required coverage that is ordered by the state.

Visit Auto Shops

Visiting car dealerships and auto repair shops is necessary in order to establish relationship with employees who will choose your services in the future. Establish yourself so your business will generate income and profit.

Market Your Business

It’s important to let people know that you’re running a towing service business. Set up a website, put the services you offer, your contact numbers and whatever necessary to inform people that you are offering towing services. Put up some tarpaulin or posters so the neighborhood or town will know that you have such business.

Starting a business is not easy. It takes patience and commitment. You have to be passionate about what you do. Remember the tips we mentioned so you will have an idea in the future.

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